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Thursday, May 21, 2015


poem copyright Dr.A.R aka LECINQBLOG.
All the poems I write are first drafts,straight from my brain to the keyboard to the blog.
My poem writing exercises are basically an unburdening effort,mostly of my thoughts or emotions.
I don't make a special effort to rhyme mainly because i want everybody to enjoy the ideas i am trying to exude and most of the times, too much effort to rhyme makes you lose out on the idea you want to express in all its purity.
I can EASILY write poems that rhyme and sometimes i go OUT OF MY WAY to write lines that don't rhyme.Because thoughts and ideas matter most, even more than silly rhymes.

Tall and lissome,
calm and together,
walking along soybean fields during harvest season,
helping out family you say,
dark hair,curly and frizzy,
sweat on your brow and eyes so bright,
as you stare at the sun and make plans for your life.

my tall iowan boy-man,
plans and plans, 
many you made,
dreams many a dream you saw,
calm and composed,
you glide through life,
handsome and fetching,
offering to do my heavy lifting for me,
and then i politely refuse.

my simpleton iowan farmer,
smart and intelligent,
slow and steady,
always a kind word,
coz your mama said,
"don't say anything if you have nothing nice to say",
spreading yourself too thin,
meeting up family as you travel,
and then,
on some days you wonder what happened to me.

The curled up lower lip,
and neavi all over your supple body,
like stars in the night sky,
you call me "very pretty" 
and then quickly add,
"but you know that about yourself"
and there is a cute awkward pause after that.

my iowan boy man,
building things,breaking apart things,
engineer and scientist,
and yet a farmer boy at heart,
a formidable combination this,
everything i once wanted,
you once had.

my dear iowan man,
I once wanted me to feel loved by you,
i waited and waited for a decade,
and finally one day,
when you tell me ,
"i possibly might have feelings for you".
I quickly stop you and say, 
" and those feelings i am very afraid of"

My sweet ,sexy iowan man,
you once were perfect for me,
we were perfect for each other once,
but now,
it is all changed,
and it hurts me to know that,
and be aware of that change each day.

Tags: #mr_purple, #love, #childhood_love, #childhood_sweetheart, #longing, #waiting, #yearning, #memories, #iowa , #handsome_iowan_farmer_boys , #engineer #fond_memories, #nostalgia

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