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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

plagiarism versus parallel thinking?The 'hachiko'analogy. john mayer vs me!

THis is a comment i posted under this youtube video of bobbybones
interviewing john mayer.You can see the interview video here,

This is a copy of my own comment that i left there under that video, here goes

"In DEC 2012,I Wrote a blog entry where I literally compared myself to
that Japanese dog hachiko that john talks about in this interview.
you can read my blog entry here
The fact that i wrote this blog entry way back in 2012 and now in
2017,john mayer uses the same analogy to describe himself,five years
later in 2017,almost feels like plagiarism.
I won't go as far as accusing him of stealing the creative story idea
from my blog,but I surely cringed a bit hearing him say the exact same
story I once told using the same analogy almost five years before he
So is the bane of lesser known writers and their body of work.""


very recently @bobbybonesshow interviewed johnmayer ,prolly yesterday
? and i watched the video as soon as 'bobbybones' youtube channel
published it..
The video is more than 28 min long, and towards the the end of it,
john mayer starts reciting this story about this japanese station dog,
which comes and waits at this station in tokyo , for its human
companion( i refuse to use the word, 'dog owner' or 'master' etc, coz
, see, it is silly to assume that an animal of species can own an
animal of another species and as such, wolves are our predators , so
it is very escapist and silly to assume we are their masters)
So, yeah, as he started describing that story, i guess, it was an
attempt on his part, at endearing himself to the viewers by way of
self deprecation, coz, he says that, in all of his relationships,he is
that statue of that dog ,the statue of that dog,not even the dog, but
the statue of that dog that is now outside a train station in
japan.This statue was erected by the locals in memory of that dog.
he says,ever so attempting to evoke sympathy from his viewers and
listeners, that he is that statue of that dog.
AS soon as i heard this line.I STARTED HAVING FLASHBACKS..flashbacks
from 2012..when i wrote a blog entry, USING THE SAME ANALOGY, AND i
called myself that dog, that dog's name is hachiko...btw..You can read
that 2012 blog entry of mine here
So, i wrote a tiny blog entry in dec 2012, calling myself hachiko.
.coz i was in so much of pain (emotional pain) in 2012,
coz i kept waiting for someone to email me back, but they never did
for weeks and pained me that i was like this hopeful and
yet ,hopeless dog who still waits for this guy, even after the guy
died..LOL.i mean hachiko's guy died.not mine..LOL
and then i posted that blog and forgot all about it
I usually blog as a way to vent.Most of the things i tweet or blog are
mostly attempts at unburdening my mind..much like MOST AUTHENTIC
WRITERS WILL CONFESS.I really had to unburden that feeling i was
so ,i wrote that blog..I really needed to get it out of my
system..that was almost five years ago.
now in 2017...out of all people, john mayer, chooses to feel and use
the same analogy to describe himself.The "hachiko analogy" i choose to
call it from now on.
A part of me squirmed and cringed as soon as he started giving out
that analogy on the bobbybones interview...I was like, "wait a"
"is this plagiarism?is this plagiaristic even if i won't go as far as
to call this plagiarism?You see, there is no sure way to know or
verify , if john ever read my blogs or tweets , if john even knows
that i exist..but BOTH OF US THOUGHT THE SAME THOUGHT..only, i thought
it five years before he did..that makes my thought the original
preceding thought...So.Does this then count as plagiarism?"
even if accusations of plagiarism fly(which i assure they won't-coz i
have no time for that ) , i wrote and thought this thought almost five
years before he did..I am ahead of him..much like this girl he
describes in this song "comfortable" which btw i would so like to
know, which parts clay cook wrote and which parts he wrote..apparently
they "CO-WROTE" this song?

so, yeah..i thought this "hackiko thought", five years before he
did..yay ! I don't know if i will say "yay" for the fact that both of
us are squaloring in so much self pity,we stooped so low down, calling
ourselves hachiko...hopeless hachiko with no emotional
intelligence..LOL..but , Yes, i say, "yay" for my "beautiful
thoughts,literary thoughts"
Coming back to the story ,of what is now soon becoming a 10 thousand
word essay(bleh!)
and then i was suddenly like, " i always keep tweeting to him saying
how much we think alike,and maybe IT IS JUST PARALLEL THINKING,,MAYBE
and then suddenly i remembered this whole amy schumer fiasco , the
plagiarism and parallel thinking fiasco that happened a few years
ago.It was all over the internet..
Amy schumer was accused of stealing jokes from other lesser known
comics..and i saw so many "proof videos" floating around the net..
I went and saw the proof videos, where amy schumer is telling the same
kind of joke, that this other female comic said many years ago.This
other female comic,she preceded amy by years in telling that joke..
SADLY, even now, i don't remember the name of the original comic,
..and so, like i said, just like i said in that youtube comment i
posted under the bobbybones john mayer interview, "so is the bane of
the lesser known writer and their body of work"
There were a lot of jokes on the Amy schumer show, that were super
duper funny, that i laughed whole heartedly at ,while i watched those
episodes..It almost makes it look like Amy schumer herself is that
And since , the show is named after her and since she is the FACE of
the show, MOST viewers are likely to end up mistaking that SHE
HERSELF IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for that comedy-fest that the amy
schumer show was..
most of us never get to see the hardwork that the WRITER TEAM puts
into a successful comedy show, be it a talk show, or a sketch comedy
show etc..ONLY THE ACTORS executing those jokes are seen as funny,
when infact, there is a whole bunch of really clever writers belting
out those lines, and these team of writers, though most are handsomely
paid, never really get the kind of fame, that the actor who plays out
their jokes gets.
even for that matter, talk show hosts, they come out there , and
MANAGE to belt out a very funny monologue each day, but IT IS NOT
them personally coming up with those jokes each time, each evening,
show almost makes it look like, the show host themselves is single
handedly doling out those monologues and being all funny on their own.
SO, yeah, coming back to the amy schumer show, there were so many
jokes on that show, THAT WERE sorta plagiarized , either consciously
or subconsciously by the WRITERS TEAM..
Amy's job on the show really was to trust her writers team and just
execute the joke in the best way possible, and then, when finally, all
those plagiarism accusations started flying towards her, SHE COULDN'T
REALLY COME OUT AND SAY," see, all the jokes i tell in the show that
make me personally look so funny, are actually not my own creation,
they are written by my team, i just puppet showcase their,
if at all , any jokes are found out to be plagiarized, i can't take
responsibility for the fact that the writers possibly stole it and so,
i am not personally the thief"
WRITERS TEAM , mostly, coz, all this while, when the whole world kept
celebrating her, saying, "oh, amy is so so funny on the AMY SCHUMER
SHOW" She didn't come out and say, " oh no, i am not funny, it is just
my writers team that is funny, I just approve and execute those jokes
which are truly not SOLELY mine, they are just the writers' hardwork"
I am sure she also had some input and some jokes of her own on the
show, but they were all not just her own jokes, it was the hardwork of
a whole team..not just her work.
Much like, all these puppet pop performers these days..who, really
have no capacity to write a song on their own, no lyrical capacity
whatsoever, and have zero capacity to compose melodies, and yet, THEY
BUY other peoples' songs and melodies and then pimp them out.
but finally, it is the name of the puppet pop performer on each of the
songs when it plays on tv or radio and so many viewers , almost get
misled into thinking , that this whole body of work is that puppet
performer's own creation..which is it not..IT IS TEAM WORK and then
one person gets to be the face of other peoples hardwork.
pimping someone else's hardwork to make profits for yourself..
So, where was i going with this?
how can we protect the work of lesser known creators, when they have
no money power or visibility to protect or claim their work or
creative ideas?
what constitutes plagiarism and what constitutes parallel thinking?
what if creators, in their stress to belt out work each evening, for
various shows,subconsciously end up stealing other people's work?

coming back full circle now..
yeah, i used that "hachiko analogy" in a moment of pain, way back in
2012, much before john used it in 2017...I am not sure how many people
ever came across my blog entry or read it when i posted it in 2012
now john, says a similar thing on some interview , and some tens of
thousands of people watched that video in a day..and now that analogy
looks like some clever thing john mayer said..but infact, I THOUGHT OF
it might be parallel thinking..but i precede him feels bad in a way and i had to VENT BLOG yet again!
Feels like someone stole my baby!
#john_mayer #lecinqblog #hachiko #dog_statue_in_japan
#bobbybones_john_mayer_interview #amy_schumer_plagiarism #plagiarism
#parallel_thinking #lecinqblog_comments_in_other_places

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